Google, Microsoft, Patents and Mark Cuban

Let’s save everyone some time and skip ahead to where Google already bought Android from Milner, Rubin, Sears and White a couple years ago.

After years of continuous research and development, Android OS was ready. As we all know, many manufacturers and service providers supported the Google product. Some of which are Taiwanese brand HTC, Korean brand Samsung and American brand Motorola.

A platform designed on the Linux Kernel was being prepared for mobile devices as early as 2006. Apparently, Silicon Valley is not as big as we thought it was as Microsoft hears of this and threatens to sue Linux for violating 200+ of its patents. At a 2007 Linux Foundation Summit, Google’s open-source program manager Chris DiBona is quoted as saying, “Open source is safe for us to use: That is the message that I want to get out there.”

In layman’s terms, Microsoft is greedy and if it can’t compete with  free software-loving, potential upstagers like Google was back in the day, then dagnabbit they will serve some papers demanding you pay them royalties.

But wait—software is a mathematical algorithm that cannot and should not be patented. Even though I flunked Algebra my INTJ self sure as hell knows that you can’t claim ownership on free knowledge. (I own the circle shape! I see that you have buttons on your devices that are shaped in a circular manner and therefore infringes my patents! PAY ME!)

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